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ATS1719 Aluminum
SM Travel Cage
18.37"D x 16.37"W x 18.12"H

Product ID: ATS1719

Revolutionary ALUMINUM Travel Cage! NO more chipping, NO more rust, Easy to disinfect! Great for Vet visits! This cage can be used for Birds, Rodents and Reptiles. All of our cages are Non-Toxic and safe for your loving pets.

On all cages bars are  Satin Silver, you have a choice of your designer color for the outside main frames!


Patented front door lock with hidden magnets to ensure the door does not rattle during transit
Large swing out door
2 swing out feeder doors
2 lock in cups (Stainless Steel cups available at an additional cost)
Completely KNOCKDOWN, easy assembly, no nuts, no bolts
Slide out Grill and tray
Carrying handle
Lightweight 18 lbs
1 wooden perch
Height: 18 1/8 "
Width: 16 3/8 "
Depth: 18 3/8 "
5 mm thick bars
5/8 " bar spacing


Available in 5 designer Two tone colors, All panel bars are silver
These cages will outlast any powder coated cages on the market.
Travel cage is great for short stays!

If you’re looking to purchase a travel cage for your pet. I, highly recommend this one. This is quality made travel cage and designed to fit your pets needs. There are other carriers/ travel cages on the market that don't keep your pet's safety & comfort in mind. There are no sharp edges, no small pieces, no toxic rust or paint , which can be very harmful to your pet. If you love your pet offer them the best... Offer them the King's Travel Carrier. You won't be disappointed. You'll get a great product, With great customer service. Thanks…And a special thanks to Cheryl
We got our travel cage and I absolutely love it!! It is such great quality, and was so easy to put together. I am glad that I decided to get the ss cups as well. The blue color is fantastic! I love it all round. There is no other travel cage like it that I have ever seen. It's not one of those dark ugly dog/cat carriers, or a small box. It's sturdy, attractive, fits in the front seat of the car and serves its purpose. My boss at Bird Boarding said 'Nice travel cage Meriem. It's the kind I have been waiting for my whole life. How much and where?'. The only thing is I am going to see if I can get corner protectors for it - like the ones you can put on the end of tables and furniture, so it doesn't get damaged. But otherwise, its awesome.
Thanks again for all of your help.
Regards, Meriem

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Item Cost: $269.00
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