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Aluminum Cages Testimonials
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Hello John,
Received the Kings bronze cage today, assembled it and am very impressed with the engineering of this sweet little transport cage. It is a beautifully manufactured piece of technical design excellence. My lovebird hopped in and he loved it immediately even with the large inside perch. Couldn't get him to come out :) I can see easily that two lovebirds would be quite content traveling in this roomy cage. The bronze color adds to the design style and gives it the look of an art piece. It's that good. Please pass this onto the Kings Cage folks.
Thank you for being what I consider to be the best eBay seller I have purchased from in all my years on eBay. Your flexibility, communication and willingness to help make the transition smooth is impressive. I wish you continued success and will be recommending you to my avian vet.
Kind regards,

Ray Arons

I received my Aluminum Travel Cage less than
24 hours after I ordered it.  Thank you! It is an engineering marvel. 
First rate design.  I worked as an aerospace engineer for Grumman
Aircraft and the cage is aircraft quality.  Congratulations on providing
such wonderful products at an affordable price.

Hi Jennifer,
                     Sorry for not contacting you sooner but we've been away on holiday, due to my retirement. it was unfortunate about the import duty we had to pay but the reason I'm emailing
you is to let you know how impressed we are with the excellent quality of the cage. over the past years we have had many cages for our parrots but none with the quality of engineering of Kings
cages. once again we would like to thank you for the excellent service you gave us.

Paul and Carol

Dear Mr. King,

I placed an order that was out of stock and have been in contact with Jennifer Elliott on a regular basis concerning my order.  I must tell you that I have never had such great customer service then that of Jennifer...She went out of her way to make sure I was up to date on the order and did everything she could to help.  I just would like you to know what a great person she is and her person skills are FANTASTIC!!!!! She really was a great help and did her job to a T .. I have never had such a great experience with a company and she really is an asset to yours.  I know people usually email you with complaints, but I think it is extra important to let you know when there is a good word to put in about someone. Keep up the great work, Jennifer is a great example of a true Customer Service rep.  She is GREAT and wanted you to know that.  Thank you for her..

Laurie Domicoli

Lorraine Youngblood

Hello Andrew,
I wanted to take a moment to let you know how VERY please we are with your product and staff.  
We recently purchased 4 aluminum cages from you.  Not only are we thrilled with the product (my birds like the cages too), we are more than satisfied with how your staff assisted.  From the purchase I made with Lucy, to the assistance offered by Amanda and Roberto.  We had a problem with one of the rivets on the main piece of the larger cages.  Amanda and Roberto acted quickly to get us the replacement part.  More importantly they all responded in pleasant and caring manner.
If other business were run with this kind of customer service, we'd be a better country.  Honestly, I just moved and no one has been able to get me the right product, get their work done properly, or offer the kind of customer service that you group has.
I hope you offer your staff the recognition they deserve for their outstanding service!  KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!
You have a customer for life
Best Regards,
Lorraine Youngblood
Houston TX

Sue K from Buffalo, NY

Sue K from Buffalo, NY

Jasper loves his travel cage. I wanted to take him trick or treating to several friends house, but he wouldn’t cooperate with the flight suit and leash so from now on we go in style. Very rich looking, very sturdy, and I got my first color pick. Worth the price for the aluminum and the color adds something more than stainless would. I own canaries and finches also, and appreciate the secure small bar spacing for when they need vet visits.

-- Sue K, Buffalo, NY.  
(Jasper, a Cinnamon Green-Cheeked Conure went this Halloween as a parrot who owns a pirate.)

Customer Of The Month (February) Darlene

Customer Of The Month (February) Darlene

I loaded up the whole gang all at once for a vet trip - a two hour ride and the new travel carriers are absolutely awesome!!  I am thrilled with them and getting two more so everybody has one.  I hauled the whole crew and it was so nice to have such secure carriers.  I put the guys in the old plastic ones up front so I could keep an eye on them.   I used to worry about the chewers getting through the plastic carriers.  These are absolutely awesome. 

Thanks for having such great stuff for my family!!




The most beautiful cage I have ever seen. My bird Murphy is so happy in his new home.

Heidi Clark

The aluminum cage turned out a lot prettier than we expected...  and putting it together was a BREEZE!  I organized it differently from the other cage--I think Seymour likes it better! It's interesting to see the different designs and the various advantages and disadvantages of doing things slightly differently.  (I.e. the placement of the bowls, how they attach, things like that.)

Thanks again!



I have had parrots for over 24 years. The cockatoo to the left (Freida) I hand raised and was my first experience with how smart a bird can be!! The cockatoo to the right (Peach) I rescued and she is just a love. I try and give them the best I can as they do need room to climb up and down and stretch their wings. I also have a citron crested cockatoo and a medium sulfur crested cockatoo. My first experience with Kings cages was in the year 2000 when I became so disappointed in the California cages that I had that would rust in a short period of time and the locks were not reliable at all with my moluccans who learned quickly how to open the doors. That is when I purchased my first 2 King cages from you (model 406) and then 2 years later I purchased the huge cage that had a removable divider.I love my new Aluminum Cages. They are very easy to clean and I notice that they never scratch or rust!

Doris Hernandez

Hi: I just wanted to let you guys at Kings Cage know how much I LOVE my 2 new aluminum cages. I had a Napoleon top white King Cage for the past 14 years for my Red Sided Female Eclectus and decided it was time for a make-over. When I saw the aluminum cage I figured I would give it a try. Not only are they beautiful with the color combination of Red/silver (33x25)& Blue/silver (25x22), but they are so much lighter and easier to move when I need to clean behind the cage. Another great thing is the bird poop comes off the aluminum without any problems. I wouldnt change anything on them but am wishing that you could make a playtop for it so that I can slide off the Dome tops and change it up every now and then. Thank you for another great Kings Cage product!  

Judy Myers Bolton

We really do love this cage, by the way - it's beautifully made, but it also ROLLS, which has proven to be a lot of fun for us AND Disco! Great product.

John Scabarozi

I purchased a travel cage in August of this year. I just wanted you all to know that it is the most well built cage I have ever seen. Thanks


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