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Professional Testimonials
Professional Testimonials
Dr. Jim McKinley, MS, DVM Dipl. ABVP
Board-Certified Avian Specialist
Owner - Amwell Bird Hospital, Hillsborough, New Jersey, (908) 369 7373

"I opened the Amwell Bird Hospital and Pet Shop 18 years ago with one goal: to provide quality avian care and products to my clients and their birds. Pet birds require well-made housing with ample area to rest, eat, play and climb. King's Cages demonstrates excellence in design, workmanship and materials. I use King's Cages in my pet shop, I sell King's Cages to my clients, and I highly recommended King's Cages to anyone who inquires. King's Cages produces high quality cages that are reasonably priced. It is by far, the best value on the market today."
Dr. Michael Doolen, Avian Veterinarian
Avian Veterinarian

Oakhurst, New Jersey, (732) 531 1212

"I remember 40 years ago the only cages available were cheaply made and completely inadequate to safely house most of the species I was interested in.   When King's Cages were introduced, I was pleased that finally there were cages available that were well thought out, well made, attractive, and affordable.  I have used them for my birds for over 25 years.  They offer the best combination of safety, functionality, and style combined with affordable pricing.  I now practice exclusively avian and exotic animal medicine and whenever anyone asks me what line of cages I like best, the answer is always King's Cages."
Dr. Linda Pesek, DVM

Avian Veterinarian, Columnist, lecturer, breeder, and aviculturist

Long Island, New York, East Islip Animal Hospital (631) 277 2266

"My clients and I, have been very pleased with the results from your new Pluck No More. It surely is an amazing product and a gift to the parrot world. I personally own a large collection of macaws, cockatoos, and amazons. Of all the cages I have purchased over the last twenty years, King's Cages have far surpassed the others in their quality, design, and most importantly price. I am especially impressed with their line of stainless steel cages."
Dr. Robert D. Schachner, DVM
The Animal Medical Center and Bird Clinic of Hollywood
521 N Federal Hwy, Hollywood, Florida, (954) 920 2400

"I have found Pluck No More to be an excellent and safe  alternative treatment for feather plucking and other behavioral problems in pet birds. I have used this product on birds that have been plucking for years and I am always amazed to see their feathers return."
Dr. Thomas Knight, DVM
Westside Animal Clinic, 711 N Fairfield Dr.,
Pensacola, Florida, (850) 453 3463

"Feather plucking has been one of the most frustrating problems for veterinarians, our clients, and most of our feathered friends, until Pluck No More, 'this is the first product that has entered the market, that I have seen work for my clients. My clients birds have never had any adverse effects. I have found that feather plucking is a habit and usually takes 3 to 4 months for most birds to feather up using Pluck No More. "Thank you for this great new product."
John Lund
"When I was about six or seven years old my father brought home a Canary. From that day on I was hooked on birds. Since then I have bred and raced Homing Pigeons, bred Fancy Pigeons, all types of Canaries, Finches, Cockatiels, and Budgies. Most of my life I had one type of bird or another.

My favorite bird is the Gloster Canary first, and the Yorkshire Canary second. That is what my bird room consists of now. I breed and show both, and have done well at the local shows. I have also won the National Gloster Show two times (2006 and 2008) placing the Best Corona and Best Consort at both events.

Glosters and Yorkshires are not always the easiest birds to breed. I find they both tend to be a little lacking in the feeding of the young during the first week. This is why several of the hens get some help from me. For this reason I use "Orlux Hand Feeding Formula" on the chicks. I have tried others, but there is no comparison. The Orlux dissolves completely in water, and the young love the taste. When I first used it the thing I noticed immediately when I opened it was how good it smelled. Many of my friends in the Fancy have used it with great results after I recommended it to them.

During the breeding season along with the sprouted rape seed, I also give my birds "Orlux Dry Yellow Egg Food". In fact they get the Dry Egg Food almost all year long. My Glosters have good feather texture and good color. When other breeders ask me my secret I tell them it's the "Orlux Egg Food. During the moult the Egg Food is in front of them at all times. I also use "Orlux Calci-Lux in my water through out the year.

Originally the breeders in the Tri-State area used to have problems getting the Orlux products on a regular basis. Since then Kings Cages International in East Brunswick, New Jersey has become the new sole distributor of all the Orlux Products. We now have a fresh supply on hand at all times.

When I was a teenager an old timer Pigeon flier once told me "you will only get out of your birds what you put into them". I never forgot that, and still practice it today."

Dr. Greg Burkett, DVM
Board Certified Avian Veterinarian, Professor of Avian Medicine
Durham, North Carolina, (919) 490 3001

"As a practicing specialist in avian medicine, I see many cases of feather damaging behavior, which can be a difficult syndrome to diagnose and treat.  Pluck No More has given relief to this problem for many of my clients and patients.  I am impressed with the performance of Pluck No More.  It has successfully stopped feather damaging behavior in most of my patients.  If your bird is a feather plucker, chewer or destroys its feathers, you owe it to your bird and yourself to try Pluck No More. This product is not a replacement for proper veterinary care.  I also use and highly recommend your cage line to all of my clients."
Dr. Samuel B. Vaughn, DVM
Louisville, Kentucky - Avian Diplomate, ABVP, (502) 245 7863

"I warned my clients that your Pluck No More is another "snake oil" that would do nothing for their birds plucking, but it seemed safe enough per the labels contents. After all, we bird vets have been stumped by feather picking for 40 years therefore we would never want to admit that a layperson provided a cure that we could not. I am of the reverse philosophy. Give me anything that is safe to help these birds and I will rejoice in using it! Pluck No More has put feathers on my Umbrella Cockatoo Stevie M and my client's African Grey who was in a collar for almost a year. After using Pluck No More for 3 weeks he was collar free. I have used this on many of my patients and I have proven scientifically through numerous biochemistries including Blood Counts and Chemistry Panels that this is a safe product. Pluck No More is a wonderful product that compliments your great cage line of which I recommend as well." 

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